Everyone knows the saying don’t let the bed bugs bite, and we all thought as children it was just a funny quip. Well, now that we’ve had such a bed bug population boom in the UK, we are all very much aware of how real bed bugs are, and how much we really don’t want them to bite.
Here are some facts about bed bugs we bet you didn’t know. 
1. Bed bug populations keep growing. Bed bug numbers have been on the increase since the 1990’s. This is mainly due to more travel being done. Remember that you should check any hotel you stay in to make sure you don’t bring a bed bug infestation home with you.
2. Bed bugs don’t discriminate. Many people associate having bed bugs with poor living conditions. However it has been proven that it doesn’t matter where you live, anyone could suffer from a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be found anywhere from the back of taxis to cinemas.
3. Bed bugs are hard to treat. In fact, they can survive really extreme temperatures and environments. They can also survive for over a year without having anything to eat. Those are some serious Bear Grylls survival skills! Remember not to use DIY bed bug treatments.
4. Bed bugs are smart. They are hard to detect, and hide in the most elusive places so you won’t find them.
5. Bed bugs infestations can cause huge amounts of stress. Along with the physical harm they can do with their bite, bed bugs have been known create anxiety and depression in those suffering from a bed bug infestation.
6. Bed bugs don’t spread diseases. Lots of research has been done into this and it has never been any firm evidence that bed bugs carry or spread any types of diseases.
It’s always important to remember if you are currently experiencing a UK bed bug infestation you must not try and treat it yourself. These methods are often unsafe and unhealthy for you and your family.
What you need when you have a bed bug infestation is a professional pest controller who can treat the problem quickly and effectively using heat treatment, one of the most effective methods of bed bug control.