Bed bugs are a huge problem for any homeowner, and they’re a problem that doesn’t go away very easily. Infestations of bed bugs are increasing year by year in London. So now it’s only a matter of time before you will encounter bed bugs. There’s no ifs or buts about it. 
Here is a list of 10 common myths related to bed bugs, to help you understand them better. 

1. Bed bugs are so small you can’t see them. If you actually take a look at a bed bug, you’ll see that they’re a lot bigger than you might think and are highly visible. It’s the eggs that are tiny and white, which makes them very hard to see with the naked eye. 
2. Bed bugs only live in dirty places. They are a non-discriminating pest, and can be found absolutely anywhere. If there is human blood to be had, they can be found in rags or riches. 
3. Bed bugs only come alive at night. Although bed bugs are typically nocturnal, they’ll still feed in the day if they’re hungry enough. 
4. Bed bugs are only found in bed. Not true. The space within 5-10 feet of their host is where you can most commonly find bed bugs, not just in your bedroom. 
5. Bed bugs spread diseases. They do carry human diseases, but no evidence has ever been found that they can transmit them to their host. 
6. Bed bugs can be exterminated with DIY methods. You won’t end up killing all of the bed bugs if you try to do it yourself. Having us come to your home and do a professional heat treatment is the best method of exterminating bed bugs at every stage of life. 
7. Bed bugs can be exterminated by throwing away your mattress. This pest will still be residing in your carpets or other furniture throughout the house. 
8. Bed bugs can stay alive for a year with no food. Depending on the environment, they can last around 20 days to a few months, but not an entire year.  
9. Bed bugs reproduce quickly. They actually reproduce quite slowly compared to other pests, but it may seem faster when you’re having a bad infestation. 
10. Bed bug bites can be felt immediately. The saliva of a bed bug contains a numbing chemical that means you can’t feel the area of skin where they’ve bitten.