Pest proofing your home is going to be drastically different depending on the animal that you are trying to keep at bay. On this page, we are going to throw around a few ‘generic’ tips for pest proofing. Follow these tips and you should be able to get rid of most of the nasty creatures that can cause havoc!

· Sticky traps: you need these. They are going to be brilliant at keeping rodents out. They are also going to help keep a few insects at bay too. The wonderful thing about sticky traps is that they are not going to cost you all that much cash. This means you can stock up and put them in some of the pests’ ‘entrances’ into your property.

· Clean up your kitchen! Seriously, the vast majority of pest problems are caused by food being left around. Remember, these animals want to eat. If you serve up food to them, they are going to keep coming back time and time again. Once you cut off their food source, they are more likely to disappear, unless the infestation has already reached a critical point. Make sure your worktops are clean. Make sure that any bags in your kitchen are tied up. Basically, do not provide any form of food to them anywhere. It will only take you a few minutes each day so you have zero excuse here.

· Look for potential entry points to your home.Remember, the vast majority of pests will be able to get through even the smallest of gaps. You can pick up all of the equipment that you need from your local hardware shop, or for best results, call in an experienced pest control professional who knows all about the pests’ habits. At the minimum, you are going to require some silicone sealant. Areas which tend to be pest ‘entrance ways’ include gaps in window frames, doors, the entrance and exits for pipes in your home, and holes which have been drilled to allow cables in. Seal up most of these and you should be good to go.

· Finally; make sure your home is not cluttered.Things scattered about everywhere could prove to be a prime hiding spot for pests. Every so often, you are going to want to vacuum behind that couch. You never know what nasty creatures you are going to find lurking behind there!