It’s totally normal to read this and think: “Okay, sure, but bed bugs aren’t in my home and there’s no chance they’re coming in my house!” It’s a nice thought to have, and may make us feel superior, but the truth of the matter is that anyone can get bed bugs in their home simply because they are human. Let me explain.
Bed bugs only need a meal and a safe place to live in order to survive happily for quite a while, and to reproduce …much to your disgust. So, even if you have the cleanest home in the entire world, bed bugs can still find a way into it and live alongside you.
While it’s true that pests are attracted to homes due to dirt and clutter, bed bugs can live without any of that. Clutter and dirt simply gives them more places to hide if you attempt to get rid of them. This means that having a clean home will definitely help you detect and get rid of them more easily. 
The reason that bed bugs are so closely associated with dirt and rundown homes/communities is due to the fact that they can spread easily and, as mentioned, dirty homes and communities make it harder to detect the problem, and quite often that means that by the time the infestation is realised, it’s a severe one.
Bed bugs can live in all sorts of places and thrive in your home. Typically, they’re found in the bed because this is where you rest the most and the bed bugs are going to live in fabric that is close to where you are immobile and, therefore, available. Bed bugs also make homes in fabrics of couches and all sorts of other furniture.
Despite their name, bed bugs aren’t really all that fussy about where they live, as long as they are close enough to snuggle up tight overnight so they can munch on you as you sleep. Not a nice picture, I know, but you need to know the facts so that you are fully equipped to take on any problem that you may have in the future.