No one likes to be cold and wet. This truth, surprisingly, also applies to cockroaches. If it is too cold outside, a cockroach will look for a warm place to hide. When it rains heavily, cockroaches will also look for a place to shelter themselves. Both of these weather woes can drive them into your property. We’d all prefer not to have roaches in our homes, so here’s a few things you can to do keep them out. 

• Keep your home as clean as possible. Reducing food sources around your home is a great way to deter roaches. Cleaning up crumbs and food particles from your kitchens and rugs, clearing plates and glasses left out, and any spilled drinks, is a great place to start. 
• Don’t leave pet food out on the floor when they’re not eating. 
• Keep all food properly contained in the fridge or in tightly sealed containers. Pests can’t get into these, especially if they’re plastic or glass. 
• Try and keep your home as dry as possible. Eradicate all water sources, such as leaks and dripping taps. 
• Get rid of any food sources outside for roaches. For example, pet food or bird seed should not be left outside or near your home. 
• Inspect your home for gaps, cracks and holes in the walls. Fill them in if you find any without an appropriate caulk.  
• Make sure all the windows and doors around your home are sealed.
• Install door sweeps on all exterior doors, making sure they make good contact with the ground.  
Taking these steps can make your home very hard for a cockroach to invade. In turn, this makes your home a lot less desirable to live in. Cockroaches can climb walls, walk across ceilings, and squeeze through the tiniest of gaps. Some roaches have even learnt to fly!
If you already have a cockroach infestation, you need to put your trust in a professional pest technician. Catch It know how to completely eradicate a cockroach infestation, and offer 24 hour London pest control. A service which is great if you ever have a pest emergency.