Have you ever wondered if fleas jump, or are they flying? Well you’ve come to the right place. Flying pests are easy to identify when they’re zooming round your head, but fleas are a bit harder to spot. Let’s dive into the world of fleas and find the answer to this famous question.
Can Fleas Fly?
Are fleas like gnats so they can fly? Here’s the thing: fleas don’t fly! Contrary to what a lot of people think, they are jumping. This is how they move. They have super strong back legs that can push them up to 150 times their own height. It’s around 8 inches in total they can jump from one place to another. This is why flea control is so important for your home. A  small infestation can spread quickly with fleas ability to jump.
Can Fleas Swim?
Fleas don’t have the ability to swim. But the interesting thing is, they won’t sink either. Fleas won’t swim, and they won’t drown if they’re trapped in a body of water. Being so lightweight means that a flea just sits on top of the water, completely unaffected.
Fleas also have a wax coating on their body as well, which naturally repels water. So a flea will thrash around in water until it finally dies of starvation.
Do Fleas Have Wings?
Another common misconception, fleas don’t have wings either. If you have ever seen a flea close up, you’ll see that they look like a cross between an insect and a lobster. They have six incredibly strong legs that are made for short distance crawling and long distance jumping.
Why Do Fleas Jump On Dogs And Cats?
When you realise that your pet has fleas, it’s a very unsettling thing. You want to do everything in your power to keep fleas away from your pet. Cats and dogs are the prime host for a flea, because they can live in fur relatively undisturbed and with a great food source.
So the bottom line is, fleas can’t fly. But what they do is jump, a lot. And boy do they love to do that.
Though a flea may seem like a small nuisance, fleas can cause extreme irritation to you and your pets. Quality of life can really be affected by these little suckers. By understanding how fleas get around and what the signs of fleas are, you can protect your animals against an infestation.