Bed bugs and fleas often appear similar, and for the untrained eye it can be difficult how to tell bed bugs and fleas apart. One of the things many clients ask us is do bed bugs jump life fleas, because this would be a great identifier. The difference between bed bugs and fleas are actually noticeable once you know what they are. 
No matter which pest you’ve spotted in your home, it’s important to take initiative and invest in great bed bug control and flea control. Both infestations can get out of control very quickly if left untreated. There are fundamental differences between the two that we are going to explore here.
Bed bugs are normally found in mattresses and furniture, hiding in the nooks and crannies like the gaps in your bed frame. Fleas however, inhabit the furry loved ones in our lives. Bed bugs won’t bite your pets; fleas will, as well as biting you as well.
Controlling fleas in your home is a whole lot easier than dealing with the dreaded bed bug infestation. Using the right equipment, products and pest controller will help you get these pest problems under control quickly. Both of these pests are parasites, and can both transfer diseases. Bed bugs are also a severe allergen, and can cause and worsen the symptoms of asthma.
It’s important to get in touch with a pest controller if these creatures have invaded your home. Reading through the points below will help you identify which is a bed bug and which is a flea. Remember though that doing DIY bed bug control or flea control won’t be as effective as calling in the professionals.
• Bed bugs are flat, oval and reddish brown in colour. Fleas are similar looking, but have long legs for jumping, which bed bugs can’t do.
• Bed bugs can be found around places you sleep. So you will commonly find them around the bed, under mattresses and in the cracks of the bed frames. Fleas feed on out pets, and you will see them predominantly crawling through their fur.
• Bed bug bites appear as a raised bump on the skin, and usually happen during sleep. The bites aren’t painful, but they become itchy and can lead to a rash. Flea bites can be felt at the moment of biting, and will instantly cause discomfort.
Get in touch with us if you are having a problem with bed bugs or fleas in your home. We have some of the most effective bed bug heat treatments in the London area.