Many people wonder whether there are different species of mice.  There are a number of different types of mice, with some of them being common types while others are more rare.  Today we are going to look into what species of mice can be found in the UK.  There are three specific types in the UK: the field mouse, the house mouse, and the yellow necked field mouse.
Field Mouse
Field mice are also known as wood mice.  They are most common in areas with farming and agriculture prevalent in the community.  These mice are less likely to be a pest for your home than elsewhere on your property.  While a field mouse might venture into your country house occasionally, they have other places they like to live.
When the temperature gets cold, field mice like to take refuge where grains or vegetables are stored, as this closely matches their normal environment.  However, while they are living with your food stores, they are likely to eat them too.  At the same time, they will leave behind droppings, skin, and hair which can contaminate the produce.
House Mouse
House mice are the most common mouse found where human populations dominate.  You can find them almost anywhere in the world.  Most pet mice are classified as house mice, and they are also used for laboratory animals.
Popular belief would have it that these mice are only a problem in the warmer months; however, they are active year-round.  The little rodents that infest your house are small, with greyish-brown fur.  Their ears are round and their tail is naked and scalier than that of other mouse species. Make sure you look at mouse nesting hotspots around your home.
Yellow Necked Mouse
It wasn’t until 1834 that the yellow necked mouse was differentiated from the wood mouse.  The two are very similar, but the yellow necked mouse has a distinctive collar of yellow around its neck and yellow on its back.  It is larger than wood mice on average, and the colour is a lighter shade than its friend.
Yellow necked mice are found in rural areas just like their counterpart, the field mouse.
Now that you know the three most common types of mice in the UK you can identify the rodent that is causing your pest problem.  Identifying the particular mice species helps a professional pest company to know which solution to target that will be the most effective.