Rats and mice are the prevalent pests in UK homes and businesses currently. This is because they can easily adapt to our environment, and they often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Rodent control problems start quickly, and there’s several species that can infest your home. 
Knowing the difference between rat and mouse will help you identify which one is invading your home. So whether you have a roof rat or field mouse, we have the guide on how to separate the two rodent types.
Remember that if you do have a rodent control problem, it’s important to contact a professional pest controller for safe rat extermination and disposal. 
• Rats are bigger than mice.
• Mice have longer tails in comparison to their body size than rats do.
• A rat has very long front teeth, which is why they need to constantly gnaw on things to grind them down. Mice are smaller, so their teeth are smaller. Their chew marks tend to look like tiny scratches compared to the deeper rivets rats leave behind.
• Mice are colour blind and rats can’t see very well. But they both have highly evolved other senses which means they can adapt to different environments.
• Rats will kill and eat mice, but mice don’t kill rats.
• Mice can live anywhere, in rural and urban areas. Rats prefer to live in the cities.
• Both types of rodent aren’t picky eaters. They will both chew on nearly everything they can, including things that aren’t edible such as wires and plastic.
• Rats can actually talk through hissing, chattering and squeaking to express themselves. Mice just tend to squeak.
• A mouse can slip through a gap that’s ¼ inch big. A rat only needs ½ inch to get into your home.
• Both rats and mice can cause crop damage and contaminate stored food.For example, in the USA, the UN has estimated the economic impact of rats alone being around $19 billion per year. Mice also have an impact, but they eat less so it’s not as bad.
• Rats and mice chew on literally everything and can cause significant damages and even fires.
Rats and mice both spread diseases, with rats being the culprit for the plague. Mice however, carry less than rats do.