With the winter almost coming to an end, it’s time to start mice proofing ready for the Spring. Mice control and rodent proofing is important all year round, but mice are most prevalent in the Spring. Over the Spring months, mice proofing is important to protect yourself from mice breeding in your garden or around your home. 
Whether you try different methods of mice prevention or not, you’ll always find rodents and other pests around your garden. Using traps and poisons are useful as rodent prevention, but the mice can then find somewhere else to make their home and still remain within your garden or home.
The best thing you can do for mice proofing is  to take away anything that will make their life easier. Easy access to your home, food and water sources are all things you can eliminate around your home to stop mice in their tracks in the Spring. The first defence your home has against mice is your door. You may want to leave the doors open in early Spring to get a nice breeze in ready for Spring cleaning, but you could be inviting mice in.
The same is true with gaps and cracks around your home. A mouse can fit through a gap as wide as a pencil. So go and take a thorough look around your home before Spring and mouse proof as many places as you can. Small holes can be sealed or stuffed to stop letting any pests in.
Gaps may have also formed around your windows and doors, so it’s definitely worthwhile checking those before Spring has sprung too. It’s easy to install vinyl seals around the door, and using expanding foam to fill in any gaps.
A mouse will be able to smell a great food source from a mile away. If they get the chance to access your food cupboards, they will contaminate all the food you have in there. Don’t give them a great food source by cleaning your cupboards regularly and cleaning up any spillages. The same goes for your bins, both inside and outside the home. Clean and empty them regularly and don’t leave food out if you can avoid it.