Controlling pests is an essential and inevitable part of living within a city like London, but we understand that some of our clients have concerns about the welfare of pests, particularly rats and mice and bigger pests like pigeons and foxes. That’s why we offer humane pest control in London.

Two of the most common methods of getting rid of rats and mice are to use ‘glue boards’ and poison. Both these methods mean the animal suffers a long and sometimes painful death. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are willing to essentially live alongside rats, but to manage the problem, then live traps could be what you need. These safely capture rodents but do not kill them. The rodents have to be set free after being caught.

Spring traps do kill the rodents, but they do so almost instantly and without pain or suffering. They offer a humane way to take action. Similarly, electrocution traps offer a fast and humane way to control a rat or mouse problem.

One of the issues with using traps is that it can be unpleasant to get rid of the dead rodents, sometimes on a daily basis until the problem is controlled. This is when humane pest control London experts like us can help. Just get in touch for more information on our services.

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure you never have to even consider pest control is to take steps to prevent them from entering your home. Rodents are most likely to come into your home if you have holes or large cracks that they can get through – and these can easily be blocked up to prevent entry. It’s also crucial to remember not to leave food out on countertops – or even in cupboards – that isn’t sealed properly. Tupperware containers can be great to ensure rodents can’t chew through packaging and feast on your food.