Do you love animals? Puppies, kittens, baby seals. They’re all cute right? What about squirrels? We see these little fluff balls running round our garden, scampering across our fences and scaling trees. If you love squirrels, you may not be aware of the problems they can cause if there’s too many of them. Or if they decide to invade your London home.
Some common signs that a squirrel has got into your home are:
• Noises from the roof – Things that go bump in the night just got a whole new meaning. If you are hearing scratching or thumping noises through the day or night, you may have squirrels, mice or rats infesting your attic.
• Smelling something funky – When you have squirrels in the loft, obviously they’re going to wee and poo. The build up of which will eventually leave a pretty horrible smell. Squirrels may also crawl into wall spaces to die, and that won’t smell too great either.
• Noticing holes – Look at the outside of your London property. Is there a tree or electrical wire that is a bit too close? A squirrel can use that and then make a hole in your roof to enter the loft space.
• Paw prints – Give your loft a quick scan each time you go up there. If it’s dusty, you may be able to spot little paw prints.
So what’s wrong if a squirrel does manage to enter your home?
• Squirrels like to chew – And chew, and chew, and chew. They will literally chew on everything in your home, including insulation, personal items and electrical wiring (which then causes fires – scary!).
• They can ruin your garden – Even when they’re outside, a lot of squirrels can do some serious damage. They will dig up your flowers and vegetables, and pretty much make a nuisance of themselves.
• Squirrels carry diseases – Some of the diseases that rodents transmit are very dangerous. Squirrels also carry parasites which then spread to the rest of your home and your pets.
If you have noticed there is a squirrel problem in your area, be aware that they can be dangerous. We here at Catch-it are experts in wildlife control, and have the right knowledge and experience to remove squirrels safely and efficiently. Remember, squirrels aren’t so cute when they’re inside your home.