Do you ever get a little bit moody when you haven’t eaten for a few hours? Yes, me too! 
But did you know some pests can go a super long time without eating? Incredible!
Cutting off the food source for a mouse will probably make sure that they won’t last very long. 
Mice have an incredibly fast metabolism, which means they need to eat food frequently. Most mice can last around 2-4 days without food. But they can actually last a while without water, because they get enough moisture from their food.
Ants eat everything in sight. And because they are always in groups, it means they can survive a lot longer and it makes meals more accessible to them. Without food, an ant can only last about two days. 
As far as pests go, cockroaches are amongst the most gross…and the most interesting. Cockroaches are incredibly hardy, and have a lot of survival mechanisms that helps them in desperate situations. For instance, a cockroach can live up to a week without a head. 
Cockroaches are also cold-blooded, so they don’t need as much energy to keep their bodies warm. This means that they can go for about a month without eating. They still need water though, without which they’d die in about a week. 
Bed Bugs 
The toughest pest award definitely goes to the bed bug. Food for a bed bug is human or mammal blood. Even the tiniest bit of blood can go a long way. 
On average, bed bugs can live around a YEAR without food in the right circumstances, maybe even longer. The longest case found was a bed bug that went without food for 400 days. Wow! 
Our chart topper, the spider. Inactive for long periods of time, spiders use less energy so don’t have much necessity for food. One such spider was found to have last over 540 days without food or water. Spiders have a very slow metabolism, and this means they can go for huge periods of time without having food. 
Unfortunately for us, almost all of these pests can end up in our London homes. Because of how long some of them can live without food, they can cause a lot of problems if left unchecked. 
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