Over the last few years, the bed bug population in cities like London has boomed. Being a London based pest control company means we come into contact with these pests a lot, so we know the best treatments out there for exterminating them quickly.
Here we’re going to look at the different types of bed bug treatments available, and the pros and cons that go along with them.
• Chemicals are applied, usually in the process of fumigation.
• Pros – Cheaper than other pest control options, is effective for a while after treatment and you can get ‘green’ chemicals to treat bed bugs.
• Cons – Bed bugs are becoming more resistant to pesticides, bed bugs may migrate when chemicals are present, your belongings can get damaged and it’s not a 100% effective treatment.
• Steam is applied directly to the bed bug infested areas.
• Pros – Completely chemical free and kills all bed bugs at any stage of life upon direct contact.
• Cons – Some materials can’t be penetrated by steam, moisture from the steam may cause damage to belongings, having a cluttered home will make it less effective and it’s also not a 100% effective treatment option.
Heat is used at high temperatures to target the infested areas, reaching a lethal degree and used for several hours to kill bed bugs at all stages of life.
• Pros – Chemical free, kills bed bugs at all stages of life, heat can penetrate lots of materials, belongings won’t get damaged, very cost effective treatment and is 100% effective at eradicating bed bugs in one treatment 98% of the time.
• Cons – Will need you to prep the treatment area before any treatment can be carried out and the treatment takes several hours.
• The opposite of heat treatment, very cold temperatures are used to kill bed bugs.
• Pros – Completely chemical free and will kill all bed bugs upon contact with them.
• Cons – Cannot penetrate all materials, clutter in your home will lessen its effectiveness and it can also cause damage to some of your belongings.