Your pantry and kitchen are a key part of your house, but there are many common food pests in the UK just waiting to join the party.  From ants to flies, food that sustains us is also food that attracts pests.  Knowing the common food pests will help you to identify if you have a problem and how to go about solving it.
Signs of A Problem
The signs of an infestation of food pests varies.  Sometimes you will be able to notice the creatures moving across your surfaces.  At other times you may not know until your food stuffs go bad or they start to go missing.  You might also see pieces of food mysteriously strewn about your kitchen.
If you do find signs of a pest problem, undertaking the appropriate methods of pest control is crucial.  Whether you try do-it-yourself methods, or call a professional, the faster you handle the problem the more likely you will be to fully resolve it.
Common Food Pests In The UK
Ants are one of the most common household pests around the world.  Ant control is difficult because the creatures are small, and they leave a trail for other ants to follow.  There are several different species of ants that could be infesting your home.
Rodent control is a common necessity around the world too.  Mice and rats are both food pests that will invade your kitchen to steal your food.  Not only will they take your food but they can present health problems and possibly damage your home.
Fruit flies and other flies are quick to start a fly infestation in your home when you leave food out.  These creatures are hard to catch and you will often need an expert to intervene in order to get rid of them.  Flies also spread diseases and can infect your food supply.
One of the most famed common food pests is the cockroach.  These creatures are most active at night and will navigate through the back of cabinets and inside walls.
Food moths are another notable pest that can ruin your stocks in the kitchen. Flour is particularly vulnerable to these pests.
The first step you should take to get rid of these common food pests is to adequately containerise food that attracts them.  Without taking this step, the pests will have no motivation to leave.  Once that is done you can take on the task of insect or rodent control to get your home pest free and keep it that way.