Cockroaches in the UK

Native UK Cockroaches

The prevalence of cockroaches in the UK is considered to be lower than in a lot of other western countries, although there is no exact evidence to support this.

Cockroach species that are considered native to the UK include the dark brown Oriental cockroach that can be as big as 30mm long, and the yellowish-brown German cockroach, which is usually around 12mm long.

Where Are Cockroaches Found?

The typical places for UK cockroaches to live are generally indoors, usually kitchens, basements, cellars, heating ducts, and in terms of commercial settings, restaurants, and bakeries. That said, the Oriental type can survive outdoors.

Cockroaches are hardy beings; they can survive without food for as long as 100 days. However, they will not be able to stay alive for more than a few days if deprived of water.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Cockroaches

No matter where you live in the world, cockroaches are an inevitable part of life. There are about 3000 species of cockroaches on the planet, and even though some of them are useful for the environment, most are regarded as pests and carry diseases and dirt with them. The majority of cockroaches are potentially harmful as they carry potentially dangerous bacteria. Food poisoning is one of the most common disease’s bacteria spread by cockroaches can bring.

Cockroach Pest Control Tips and Tricks

Hygiene: One of the most simple and basic steps towards getting rid of cockroaches UK is to keep the environment inside your house hygienic. Make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly, and never leave food and leftovers lying around on tables or floors.

Insecticide: This is the most tried and tested method of cockroach pest control, and there are many different insecticides available on the market. The fact is, however, that if you leave the job to a professional pest control technician, the result will be a significant improvement in the outcome. The type of product and amount of treatment will depend on the level of the infestation. If cockroaches are getting seriously out of hand, this may call for a stronger insecticide than those available over the counter.