When it comes to bed bug treatment, there are two types of method employed by professionals:heat treatment and chemical treatment. In the past, only chemical treatment was the only method used to get rid of bed bugs present in a house. Heat treatment is a relatively new concept.

Both of the treatments have their pros and cons, although, in our opinion, heat treatment is an incredibly effective alternative on so many levels!

Let’s compare them, taking into account several important points:

Overall safety

As heat treatment makes use of extremely hot water and nothing else, it can be considered as comparatively safe. Even though chemical treatment is not as unsafe as it used to be in the past, it is still much less safe compared to heat treatment, because of the toxicity levels.


Heat treatment is environment-friendly;chemical treatment is not.

Time and repetition required

In most cases, heat treatment for bed bugs requires an overall 6 to 12 hours of operation. A single chemical treatment requires only 2 to 5 hours of operation. That said,usually, a single instance of heat treatment is enough to tackle most bed bug infestations. However, when it comes to chemical treatment, 2 or 3 visits maybe required to completely eliminate the bugs. That is because chemical treatment cannot kill eggs. In both of the cases, people must leave the place until treatment is completed.

Treatment cost

There is no any drastic difference between heat treatment and chemical treatment in terms of expense. Both of the treatments cost almost the same amount of money.

Overall effectiveness

Some people wonder: ‘How do you kill bed bugs with heat? Well, heat treatment can easily get rid of all the bed bugs and their eggs present from the environment. That is because, during heat treatment, the heat is raised to such an intense temperature. Bed bugs cannot survive in a temperature that is above 113 degrees. But, overall effectiveness of chemical treatment is questionable these days, as during the past few decades most bed bugs have evolved to resist chemical treatment.

Even though in certain cases chemical treatment may work out quite well, Catch-it recommend that thermal heat for bed bugs as being by far the best route to take when it comes to tackling these unpleasant little insects.