Insects come in all shapes and sizes and can quickly become a problem not just in homes but offices, factories and other workplaces too.
At Catch-It Pest Control, we strive to stay ahead of the very latest methods for domestic and commercial pest control – and we’re particularly excited about the latest development in getting rid of insects
Equipment has been designed with the help of top scientists that eradicates insects using heat. 
This new technique allows us to treat machinery in factories (such as flour mills), kitchen equipment and vehicles better than ever before, and avoiding the need to treat an entire building in some cases. 
The new heat-based method is also highly-effective at killing bed bugs than have burrowed into mattresses. 
There are many benefits of using heat treatment as part of domestic or commercial pest control London, including reduced health and safety risks, environmentally-friendly process and no residual chemicals. 
The best benefit is that the heat – which is carefully controlled by our technicians to ensure optimum results – kills all stages of insect life, including eggs and larvae (which are notoriously difficult to exterminate with other methods). 
That means we only need to visit you once and you can get instant peace of mind.
The highly focussed technique also means that you won’t need to shut down or prevent staff from being in the vicinity. Using heat treatment as part of domestic or commercial pest control London is fast, effective and safe. 
We carry out a through survey before we begin the job so that we can plan the best approach for getting the desired result. 
If you’d like more information about using heat to get rid of insects, or about our domestic or commercial pest control, simply get in touch and we’d be happy to help.