Can Moths Bite Humans?

We’re used to any sort of flying insect in the UK biting or stinging us. So this question definitely has crossed most people’s minds: can moths bite us too. If you find moths nesting in your home, you must invest in moth control instantly, not only to avoid any pest bites but also to protect your clothing.

So Do Moths Bite? 

If you have an infestation of moths in your wardrobe, can moths bite you and cause you discomfort? The answer to ‘can moths bite?’ is simple. No. Domestic moths aren’t interested in biting you, so you will never need to know how to treat a moth bite. What they can do is leave a rash-like trail on your skin from the spurs on their leg, but nothing else. In fact, the larvae are only interested in eating fabrics and other natural materials. While the adult moths actually have atrophied moth parts as they do not need to eat. Basically, they couldn’t bite you even if they wanted to!
Now we’re going to look at some of the other questions you may have about moths in your home.

How Do Moths Get Into Your Home?

Moths are attracted to light. I think we’ve all seen the moths bumping into the lights when we’re outdoors on those summer evenings. So when you have your windows and doors open at night with the lights on, the moths will be attracted into your home.
Once a moth problem has started in your home, it can get out of control very quickly. Your wardrobe will be a moth’s favourite nesting place, with a constant supply of food and dark conditions. Moths may even hide in the folds of your curtains, so it’s best to regularly check in your closets, drawers, and wardrobes to make sure there are no moths lurking there.

How To Get Rid Of Moths In The Home 

Here we’re going to give you a shortlist of household tasks you can do to prevent and control moths in your home.
• Vacuum as often as possible, and empty the vacuum every time. This can get rid of any eggs and larvae of moths, as well as any other pest eggs that may be in your carpets.
• Wash your linens and clothing before storing them. Moths love stains and sweat and will be more attracted to dirty clothes in your closet.
• Use scents to repel moths. There are lots of natural scents that deter moths from going near your wardrobe.
Most people aren’t aware of moths in the home because of how great they are at hiding. This is how homeowners end up with a severe infestation.