Everyone is familiar with ladybirds. They are one of the most unintimidating looking insects that live in our London gardens. Ladybirds are easily identifiable by their bright red and black polka-dot wings.
So you may know what a ladybird looks like, but do you know how much of a help they are to your garden in terms of eco pest control measures? Here are a few points to appreciate what ladybirds do for our gardens, and some ways to make sure what you have are ladybirds and not a harmful species.
Lady Birds And Chinese Beetles 
The ladybird and the Chinese beetle are actually very similar. But there are some key characteristics that will help you to determine their differences. The ladybird has a white marking on their head that a Chinese beetle doesn’t. The ladybirds colouring is a very defined red colours, whereas a Chinese beetle may be more of a rusty orange.
Agriculturally, both are known to eat aphids which can feast on our growing plants and can cause a lot of damage. In a way, ladybirds can actually be considered a natural pesticide because they eat the harmful insects in your garden.
If Chinese beetles overpopulate in your garden, they will find their way into your house and infest it. They also excrete a yellowish liquid that can stain clothes and furniture. In some situations, Chinese beetles have been known to bite. People with allergies to insects stings and bites should definitely steer clear of them.
Whether it’s a ladybird or Chinese beetle, they can still breed at an alarming rate and cause a problem. There are treatments available to control them. If you are experiencing this situation it’s best to call our team of experts here at Catch-it pest control to get rid of the problem for you. We know the safest methods to exterminate some of the insects, and keep them at a manageable and helpful number so they aren’t eradicated completely.
Try to encourage lady birds in your garden. They are very helpful at keeping other bugs away, and can make your plants healthier too.