It’s a fact that many people in the metropolitan area absolutely hate rats. This is due in part to the fact that people think of them as stinky, terrifying and dirty creatures that will attack you unprovoked.  A lot of these ideas are untrue in reality, and despite the fact that they do need to be controlled as they can cause damage to homes as well as carry diseases, rats are actually very interesting animals.

Rats are social creatures
Rats are very social creatures. Where there is one, there are five more that you don’t see. They don’t like to be alone, as they get depressed and full of anxiety very quickly.  If there are rats in the house, remember this fact.

Rats love chocolate
Rats have a sweet tooth and will chow down on your chocolate bar, much to the chocolate lover’s disgust.  Chocolate could be the very thing that attracted their interest in our home in the first place, and can be used to bait traps to capture them too.

Rats love cuddling
Yup, you read that right…rats love to have a snuggle.  If you find you have an undesired bed companion in the night time, the rat may be that same companion.

Rats can fall 15 metres safely
Rats are resilient and great at protecting their well being.  This means that a rat can fall up to 15 meters and be no worse for wear when he gets to the bottom of the fall.  For those who think that simply dropping a rat off your balcony is how to get rid of a rat, you need to think again.

Rats have great memories
Rats are incredible with memories.  They have wicked fast brains that will allow them to remember most things in their lives, including where your house is!  This quality also makes them super hard to entrap because they remember where traps are and what dangers spooked them before.

Rats love to play games
This is the reason that rats make such good test subjects.  Rats love learning and playing games of all sorts.  Unfortunately, people’s houses make wonderful play areas for rats and their young.

Rats move quickly and are very smart
As you may have gathered already, rats are fast moving and cunning to beat.  They will avoid capture if you are chasing them, much to the frustration of homeowners with a pest problem.
They have a strong sense of smell
A rat will be able to sniff our your food better than most creatures, and can find that last square of chocolate even in the pitch dark.  Even in air tight containers, your household pest can find his way into your food storage and steal it from you.
Rats are smart, very fast, and all sorts of other things that make them impossible to catch on your own.  Call in a professional pest company if you have unwanted guests in your home.  You’ll be glad you did.