Having mice in your home (unless you have them as a pet) normally means you have an unwelcome visitor that you don’t want to stick around. Mice can cause a lot of damage, contaminate your food, spread diseases and carry other pests like fleas and ticks. 
Mice breed incredibly quickly, and a female mouse can have 10 litters in a year. This is why mice infestations grow very quickly, and once they start it’s very difficult to get rid of them unless you catch the problem early.
Here are the 6 most common signs of when you will need to hire a mice exterminator like the ones here at Catch-it. 
1. Seeing a mouse – This is an obvious sign of a mouse problem. Mice are nocturnal, so you may not see them around your home until you have a serious infestation on your hands. You should call in mouse pest control as soon as you can.
2. Droppings and urine – You can see rodent droppings around their nesting sites, and you may find them around any food in your home. Remember, if you need to clean up any mouse droppings or urine you need to wear protective gloves.
3. Something smells – House mice emit a musky sort of odour when they move around your home. You will also be able to smell their urine, and if one dies in your home you will be able to smell the body.
4. Finding a nest – Mice build their nests out of scraps and things they can find. You will normally find the nest in a secluded place that is close to their food source.
5. Noticing damage – An interesting fact about mice is that they have teeth that constantly grow, so they have to gnaw on things to keep them shorter. Hard materials like wood and plastic might bear the signs of teeth marks if you have a mouse infestation. Remember mice can cause fires by chewing through electrical cables as well.
6. Hearing things – Some of the best climbers in the rodent world are mice. So you might hear them scuffling and scratching around inside your walls, or hear them scurrying across your ceilings.
Without acting immediately when you notice a mouse problem by calling in a local London pest controller, you could end up with serious damage to your property and your health. Call us if you want to stop the problem in the early stages with Catch-it’s London rodent control services.