Insects and various other pests are very eager to find a place that has food, water and shelter for them. Since most of our London homes are warm and full of food, it’s no wonder a lot of Londoners have to deal with pest infestations on a regular basis.
If you want to prevent a severe infestation in your home, it’s important to have a great pest prevention routine in place. The first step to doing this is to know where the pests might be hiding.
Here are some of the most common hiding places that you should keep a close eye on for possible infestations. 
1. Seams of padded furniture – These are one of the most common insect hiding places, especially for bed bug infestations. They spread very quickly, and sometimes it can take months before you notice a problem. Make sure to regularly check your mattresses, cushions and cracks on the bed frame.
2. Cellars – Every cellar provides two things an insect craves; dampness and darkness. Check that all of your plumbing isn’t leaking and seal entry points around your basement. Inspect the darker corners regularly and places underneath appliances.
3. Skirting boards – The spot behind your skirting boards is like a bug hotel, hosting all kinds of insects that love tight, dark corners. To avoid getting a pest problem in your skirting boards, vacuum along them once a week.
4. Wardrobes and cupboards – To have a proper pest prevention routine in place, you need to inspect everything, including your clothes. There are bugs like moths that feed off fabrics. Clean your clothes regularly and always wash your clothes before you store them.
5. Bins – A bin that has a tightly sealed lid will keep the bugs out of the bins. You must clean your bins regularly though. Some white vinegar and soapy water is a great solution for doing this. You may also be able to wash your household bins with bleach too or soapy water.
6. Appliances – Some pests will be more than happy to make their homes in your appliances. Ovens and fridges provide ideal shelter for pests.
If you want to make sure there are no pests hiding around your home, give our team here at Catch-it a call to get the best advice on pest control solutions.