That time of year has come again when you are ready to enjoy a garden party for the first time. There are many people getting the barbecue ready as we speak. Part of creating the perfect atmosphere, however, is by making sure you take into consideration the need for fly pest control. Here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect insect-free space for your outdoor meal:
1. Keep bright colours away
Despite our fascination with the tropical print that is common in summer wear, it is important to keep this away from the picnic area. Fly pests – especially wasps – are attracted to these patterns, so they will make an appearance more frequently and cause no end of frustration for you.
2. Consider the use of screens
Screens and blinds are inexpensive, and can be a huge help for a fly control option. They can be put into any patio or alfresco area so that you can eat free from flies buzzing around as you try to enjoy your food.
3. Make fly traps
Traps can be made from sugar water, molasses, or a piece of fly tape very quickly and easily. Consider this option if you find that flies are excessive and making dining in an alfresco environment difficult.
4. Avoid picnicking near water
Flies like the water. Don’t dine too close to it, or you’ll find that biting kinds of fly will be close by, and looking to get a nip of your food, and you. This can be avoided by simply eating away from the water, and walking down to its edge after you’ve finished your meal.
5. Put mint or citrus around you
An easy option for flies pest control is citrus or mint. Insects of all kinds hate the smell of it, so put it around the perimeter of your picnic area, and you’ll see them scurrying away like there is no tomorrow.
These tips should help you find your way to a pest-free garden party this lovely Spring season. There are more tips that you can find, of course, but these 5 ones should help you get started in the process of a fly-free meal. Apply one or more of these tips, and you’ll find that success is right there on your patio, waiting for you with your friends and family and a delicious meal of your favourite food, all fly-free.