Have you been travelling on your holidays this summer? If so, have you been checking for bed bugs in your hotel rooms?
Bed bugs are a fast-growing problem for a lot of hotels across the world. They are very hard to exterminate, making treatment for bed bugs quite difficult. Don’t be mistaken – even the best run and cleanest hotels in the world can still suffer from a bed bug infestation. They’re not picky.
Across the UK this year alone there has been an 80% increase in bed bug infestations. This makes pest control for bed bugs one of the most sought after services from professional pest controllers.
Hotels and other accommodations are playing a huge part, not only in causing a bed bug holiday hell but also for the insects being able to spread. So how do you check your hotel room for bed bugs?
Mattress and bed frame – Bed bugs like to live near their source of food. That’s why beds are always the hotspot for bed bug activity. Give the mattress and headboard of the bed a really good looking over. Check behind it and underneath it, searching through all the cracks and crevices to make sure no bugs are lurking there.
• Bedside tables – Furniture near the bed are also bed bug hotspots. Look inside the drawers and also check around the furniture to make sure there’s no bed bugs in sight.
• Wardrobe and skirting boards – Just because they’re called bed bugs, doesn’t mean they just stick to the bed. Make sure to look all through the wardrobe and drawers. Then move to the skirting boards, noting any bed bugs you might find there.
• Sofas and chairs – Bed bugs are always seen around places that have a lot of human activity. So chairs and sofas would of course be one of their favourite places. Before you sit down or put any luggage on the chairs, make sure you give it a quick look over to stop any bed bugs from jumping on you.
• Luggage – Wonder where those bed bugs in your home have come from? Luggage is the main way that bed bugs are coming back with us from travelling. Best practice is to put your suitcases in the bathroom before you start to do you bed bug checks. Otherwise you may be taking something more than just souvenirs home with you.