Foxes are common pests in many regions of the world, and, more specifically, to your garden. You work hard to make sure that your plants and flowers are doing well, so we understand your frustration when you go out in the morning to see some of them dug up, or some of them gone completely. If this is the case, you may have a fox to worry about. Here are 5 important ways in which foxes are nuisances. You’ll also find steps to take here as well.
1. Holes
Foxes love to dig holes in order to find food in your garden. This could include bulbs or insects, and all sorts of other things. These holes often disturb your garden in a big way, and can be a real bother. If you want to stop foxes digging holes, start taking a look at the deterrents out there, including the idea of using a fertilizer not containing bone meal (a favourite of foxes) and avoid plants that interest the taste buds of these pests.
2. Urine and faeces
While many kind of fertilizer may contain animal dung, fox faeces are unhelpful in your garden. Their urine and droppings can actually destroy and kill many things in your garden and foxes, unfortunately, will use both these to mark their territory. The best way to get rid of this is to get of the fox, which you can do using effective natural deterrents or by covering your garden.
3. Destruction of plants
Foxes cause destruction of plants in the ways mentioned above, so the way to get them out of your garden is to either change the plants you grow so that they are not interested, or consult a professional about long term methods to get rid of foxes by trapping them or by fox proofing your property.
4. Hidden stockpiles of food
These hidden piles of food are a terrible problem because, since they’re hidden, they can sometimes take a while to be found and will only become known to you by the fact that they are stinking the place up. In terms of preventing this behaviour, the best way would be to use motion sensor lights, motion sensor sprinklers or other such methods, though they don’t always have the best success rate.
5. Random items in your garden
Foxes, as you have learnt, love stockpiling, and also stealing things for play, so if you have foxes, there is a chance of finding strange things in your garden that you’ve never seen before. This leads to all sorts of problems, including your property turning into an eyesore with the littered items. 
The truth of the matter is that foxes are hard to get rid of and can cause a lot of damage to your property. Therefore, a professional should always be consulted.