No two businesses are the same. So, it’s very difficult to cover the top 5 pests that affect every business. We’ve put together a list that covers the most significant pests that anger the largest number of businesses. 
Inside Your Kitchen, Break Room, or Food Storage Area 
If you own a business that has something to do with food, you are more than aware of pests can do to affect your business. In particular, cockroaches. These are at the top of the list of dirty pests that can contaminate food. Cockroaches will also contaminate food prep surfaces when they walk across them. These bugs are incredibly hard to keep out. Cockroaches will climb walls, walk across ceilings, and squeeze their bodies under doors and through cracks. Anything to get at a good and constant food supply. 

Inside Your Warehouse or Large Storage Area 
Pests are a plague on warehouses and storage areas. This is especially true if that storage area contains food. However, more and more business in the UK, especially in the larger cities, are having to deal with bed bugs. Bed bugs love hitchhiking, and come in on employees. They will then transfer onto the goods that are going to be shipped. A businesses reputation can be ruined faster than you can say bed bugs if your items contain insects and other pests. 
Inside Your Walls 
Pests such as rodents love to make their home inside your wall cavities. Rodents will cause extensive damage, which will be costly to repair. This is why pest control is a vital part of your businesses budget. 
Outside Your Walls 
Your businesses reputation could be ruined, and your food or stock tainted, by pests that don’t even come in. Birds nest and roost outside your property, causing an unsightly mess. Bird faces corrodes the outside of your building, and is also a threat to food prep areas. It’s very important to install bird deterrents. These will let birds know that they are not welcome. 
On Your Property 
Mosquitoes and stinging insects can be an issue if your business has an outside area. You can reduce and resist these pests, and businesses that do this have happier customers. 
If you’re dealing with commercial pests in London, or the surrounding areas, call Catch It pest control. We can protect your business from invasive pests, and offer solutions to maintain a pest free property.