People all over the UK, not just those in London, are trying to figure out whether or a supposed 4 foot rat, allegedly found earlier this year is the real deal, or not. The incident has been all over the news, and has set Londoners’ hearts racing, but is it true? 
The rat in question rat was found in London near a playground in Hackney, lying in a bush, and dead when it was found. Many people have concluded that it is simply a case of great photo editing and bravado, but it has resulted in scaring and upsetting people living in the local area.
No one likes a hoax, so we’re here to present the evidence and leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is something we should believe. 
The man who discovered it picked it up with a litter picker. Immediately, this raises suspicions. After all, this rat was supposedly 4 feet long, yet he could pick it up with a regular litter picker? Something definitely isn’t adding up here, and a lot of people flagged this up within a few days of the photo being published in the news.
Additionally, the allegation that the rat was that big doesn’t make sense as far as biology is concerned. Even under the most perfect conditions, a rodent would not be able to grow that large unless it was genetically modified – and maybe not even then – which this animal obviously hasn’t been.
So, many people now feel that this was simply a case of the picture of the rat having distorted perspective. This is a well known optical illusion caused by the fact that the perspective of an object held out towards the camera can appear much larger than it really is.
Others believe the photo could have been altered with image manipulation software to make it look as though this rat was impossibly huge and disgusting. In reality, the rodent is unlikely to be even half the alleged size.
Yes, we seem to be living in a world where everything is getting bigger, but we are also in a world that stays true to the laws of physics and biology. Therefore, with all the evidence against it, it’s impossible to think that this size of rat could really exist, even in London, where large rats and mice are fairly common.
So, what do you think?  We feel as though all the points are leading towards “myth”, but there is always room for a contradicting opinion. Do you agree that this story is too far off the truth?  We suspect you do!