With spring not too far away, it welcomes the start of sneezing, wheezing and itching season too. Outdoor allergens like pollen and mould are to blame for these during the warmer months, but indoor allergens can also cause symptoms to flare up. 

Dust mites, dander and cockroaches can cause huge problems for allergy sufferers in their homes. So how can you allergy proof your home to make it more comfortable, and not a cause for stuffiness and sneezing? 
• Fix it: Seal all cracks and gaps around your home leading to the outside to prevent pests from entering your home. Pay special attention to the sealant around windows and doors, and where utility pipes enter your home. 
• Eliminate moisture: Properly ventilate your home to maintain a good humidity level, and prevent moisture build up. 
• Vacuum: Do this at least once with a week. 
• Bust the dust: Dust frequently, and limit the amount of fabric items in each room because these attract airborne allergens, like dust mites and pets fur. 
• Clean the kitchen: Wipe down your surfaces daily, and don’t leave dishes to pile up in the sink and clean all crumbs and spills up straight away. 
• Properly package food: Use airtight containers to store food, and avoid leaving pet food out for long periods of time. 
• Empty the bin: Take all rubbish outside, and put it into a sealed bin. 
• Protect your pillows: Use allergen-proof covers on your pillows and mattresses to control dust mites, and avoid down pillows and comforters. 
• Wash your linens: Wash all of your blankets, rugs and bedding in hot water, or take them to be professionally dry cleaned. 
We’re heading towards some of the toughest months for allergy suffers, so it’s a perfect time to ensure your home is free of allergens, and that the air that your breath is fresh and clean. If you have a pest problem you can’t deal with yourself remember to call us, a professional pest control company for insect, bird and rodent control in London, to protect you.