No matter how much you love animals, it’s pretty safe to say that you don’t want to have those annoying and unhygienic mice in your home.  Mice problems are common everywhere in the world, and can range from droppings in food to more serious infestation problems like chewed wires, in which case a professional pest control agency has to be called. In order to battle your enemy, you have to find out everything you can about it. So, here are 10 facts to increase your knowledge base!
1.Mice are mostly nocturnal
Typically, mice move around at night, so you may not notice them around much of the time during the daytime hours.
2.Despite popular belief, many mice have great eyes
While some will say that mice can’t see well, this is not really the case. Many kinds of mice can see very well in reality.
3.Mice talk to each other using smells, like dogs
Mice communicate with each other through scent and leaving scent trails for the most part.
4.Mice have great hearing, so you cannot sneak up on them
Don’t even try this, as a mouse will hear you coming from the first move you make. Try traps if you want to get them.
5.Mice can enter a home through a hole no bigger than 1/4 inch
Annoying, but true. Make sure you board up any holes in your home to keep your mouse pest control in good shape. 
6.Mice tend not to travel more than 30 feet away from their nest, even for food
This might not be a good thing, as it means you can end up having multiple generations of families of mice living with you.
7.Mice mark their territory with urine
Again, the same as other mammals. So, there is mouse pee trailed around everywhere they go. Not so good to think about, right?
8.Mice use their whiskers to help them navigate
Mice rely on their whiskers for sixth sense stuff. Just a fun fact.
9.Mice love climbing
No fence or kitchen unit is too high for these creatures to get to your food source.
10.Mice breed quickly and often
Where there are two mice, there could soon be two hundred mice. Keep that in mind and think about setting traps straight away.
Unless you act on it quickly, mice control can be difficult. Contact a pest control company and ask about how to get rid of mice so that you have a professional opinion on the matter.