The internet is a wonderful place.  You can find guides for just about anything and articles to inform you.  However, many of those articles can lead you in the wrong direction.  Especially, those on pest control chemicals.  DIY pest control chemicals can be unsafe and bad for the environment. Pest control experts are the best way to go.  Here are the details.

Mixing Chemicals

There are a lot of different chemicals that when mixed together will cause a bad reaction. Some of these reactions will only be skin rashes, while others can create toxic gas.  No matter what there action, you don’t want your pest control methods to do any harm to you, your family, or pets.  Professional pest control workers use properly mixed chemicals.

Harmful To Kids And Pets

Even DIY chemicals that don’t have bad reactions to each other can be bad for your kids and pets.  Those of us who have either or both, know that there is always a chance that they will lick a surface that has been treated.  The last thing that you want to do is have to bring a family member to A & E because of pest control chemicals.


Chemicals are often harsh, especially those that people like to use for DIY recipes. They think that harsh chemicals will make the pest control more effective.  Instead, it often doesn’t work, and ends up staining a variety of surfaces from wood to carpet.

Not Effective

On top of all of the hazards that are related to DIY pest control chemicals, most of the recipes and products that you find on the internet simply don’t work or don’t work well enough to do the job.  Insects and other pests are quick to adapt, so something that worked a few years ago might not work any more.  This leads to a waste of time and money.

Overall, the safest option for you and those you love, is to use a pest control expert.  Professional pest control workers have the training and education that is needed to keep your household pest free, but at the same time safe.  You should take every DIY article on the internet, and the claims of many over the counter product with a pinch of salt.