When pests infest your London home or business, you want the problem to go away very quickly. So it often seems easiest to run out to your local store or concoct your own pesticide to get rid of pests on your property. There are problems with both of these approaches, which often lead to more problems than the bugs could cause.
Here are five reasons to skip the DIY, and head straight to the phone to call Catch-it when you have a pest infestation.
1. Health Problems – Pesticides are incredibly dangerous. They involve chemicals which can be harmful to your family pets and people too if they are touched or breathed in. Even if you take the right precautions, accidents can happen. If you’re not trained in handling these chemicals properly, accidents are very likely. The experts here at Catch-it have the right training to use the products safely around your home with no risk of danger.
2. Environmental Dangers – This problem comes down to not just training, but the type of pesticides being used. Pesticides that are sold over the counter are actually very harmful to the environment. Here at Catch-it we have green options available to avoid this issue.
3. Long-Term Effects – DIY pesticides can cause health issues. If you’re using pesticides you’ve made in your home, they can cause breathing difficulties and skin issues too.
4. False Peace of Mind – Some DIY pesticides will take care of the immediate problem, but they won’t ever take care of the root of the issue. Without an expert pest controller taking care of your problem, you will most likely see a reoccurrence of the pest problem. Sometimes even within a few hours this can happen.
5. Price Problems – It does seem cheaper to go with DIY options initially, but it may end up costing you more in the long run. Not only might you damage your home and have to pay to repair it, you will almost always be likely to pay for a professional pest control company in the end anyway to take care of the problem for good.