Now that we’re in winter, and the temperatures have dropped, we like to keep warm indoors. Unfortunately, pests want to move into our homes to take advantage of this too. A lesser known pest, the cluster fly, can be a nuisance for many homeowners. Especially in larger cities, such as London. 

Most people will have never heard of cluster flies, unless they’ve had a problem with them. They are related to the bluebottle, but unlike their cousins, are not a health hazard. Cluster flies also won’t damage your property.
So that’s good news! But, the bad news, they are a complete nuisance over winter!
What they do is cluster on your windows, and in your roof. This is not only unsightly, but incredibly annoying. Having just one fly in the home can lead to thousands more showing up.
Why are they in your house, and why are there so many?
To survive the winter, flies have to find a dry place to be protected from the cold. Our roof spaces are the perfect winter getaway. Like many other creatures, flies find safety in numbers. Just one in your home can attract hundreds of others. The flies will then cluster together. 
Can you stop them getting in?
To put it bluntly…no. Flies can fit through the tiniest gaps imaginable. To proof your home that thoroughly would be virtually impossible. 
So what can you do?
Using flyspray in an infestation situation isn’t going to work. The concentration and the spread of the pesticide won’t reach all the areas necessary to kill the flies congregating in your home. Fly papers also won’t be of much use, because they don’t attract the flies. So you’d have to rely solely on the fly accidentally coming into contact with the paper. Electric fly killing machines will be effective, but it’s vital to use the correct type. They may also present a fire risk. 
The best way to get rid of a cluster fly infestation is to call a professional pest controller. Here at Catch It Ltd, we cover all of London and the surrounding areas. We even offer 24hr call out, so we’re here for you in any pest emergency situation. If you have an infestation in your London home, get in touch with us today.