Steam Treatment For Bed Bugs – A Low Cost, Effective, Affordable Option

One of the most irritating and distressing things you can have in your home is an infestation of bed bugs. And just when you think you have got rid of them, think again, as they are very stubborn and hardy.

The steam method is less costly when compared to other techniques applied by bed bug exterminators, and for those on a bud get, it is an ideal choice that is easier on the pocket.

We use a variety of different treatments for removing bed bugs. Among them, bed bug heat treatment and steam treatment are most common. While heat treatment is very fast and effective, some people find it to be out of their price bracket, so we offer steam treatment for bed bugs as a cost effective alternative. With steam treatment, we use a bed bug steamer that kills the bed bugs thoroughly, as they cannot tolerate temperatures over 113 degrees, which is lethal to all stages of bed bug development. This process is highly effective, and also safe environmentally.

What makes our steamers different from conventional steamers?

Once the affected areas have been identified, extremely high temperature steam is released from our industrial steaming equipment, and applied to the affected regions. The heat from the steam effectively raises the temperature of the affected area, killing the bed bugs instantly on contact.

A conventional steam generator produces steam at a temperature from 236°F to 285°F. Our industrial steamers produce dry saturated overheated steam up to 356°F, which is much more effective for disinfestation as, in addition to containing no liquid particles, so that it does not generate condensation, it causes a significant temperature change which produces immediate destruction of bedbugs and their eggs.

Steam treatments reach places you wouldn’t expect:

• Steam can get right into those areas where chemicals cannot, so this process is more effective for bed bugs that are hidden in hard to get to places. Steam can penetrate up to 3/4″ into fabric, and will kill bed bugs lurking in cracks and crevices.
• Steam can make its way inside mattresses and box springs, get deep into carpet, and into difficult to reach parts of your furniture.
• Steam can successfully treat your bed, bedding, curtains, rugs and other absorbent items without having to use chemicals.

Plenty of reasons for using steam to kill bed bugs

Just like heat treatment, applying a steam treatment means you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary side effect from chemicals. It is a non toxic technique for removal of bed bugs that is totally safe for your children and pets. An added bonus is that steam not only eradicates the bed bugs themselves, but kills the eggs too, leaving your home pest free – now, and for the foreseeable future. Call Catch-it today and we will help make your home a safer place and restore your peace of mind at an exceptionally low cost.

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