Stop Rats Entering Your Toilet Bowl With Our One Way Drain Valves

You would probably be horrified if you entered your bathroom to see a rat grinning at you from the toilet bowl, a feeling that is likely to be shared by pretty much every homeowner in the country. The idea arouses not only fear and disgust, but concerns for your family’s health.

Rats are great climbers and swimmers, and can hold their breath for long enough that it allows them to travel from one location to another through sewage pipes and drains.

You might not have heard of many instances of people finding a rat in their toilet bowl when they open the lid, because in the UK it is fairly rare, but it is not impossible. With this in mind, many householders have taken sensible prevention measures that stop rats from coming through the sewer pipe, and into their bathrooms via the drain. The most practical and common method of achieving this is to fit a one way valve to your property’s outside drain that prevents these pests from even trying to enter your house via this route.

One way rat flaps really do work

You may be wondering why it’s worth bothering to spend money on fitting a rat valve in the drain pipe when you could simply flush the rat back down the way it came! The reality is that this is easier said than done. Rats can survive being flushed down the lavatory, are said to be able to tread water for three days, and are likely to return to the property via the same route. Worse still is the thought that the rat may jump out of the toilet and scamper into your home before you even have a chance to flush. By fitting a one way rat valve in the drain pipe, you will be tackling the problem at source, making sure your home and family are safe from the risk of nasty surprises, and ensuring complete peace of mind.

Advantages of fitting a one way rat valve:

• The first and most important advantage of using it is that once it is fitted inside your drain, you can be sure that rats will never be able to enter your toilet.
• They are easy to fit, and it will take our technician a very short amount of time to complete the work and make your home safe from rats.
• The valves do not require any maintenance, and once fitted you can rest assured it will do its job for up to 20 or more years.
• As the valves are one way, they do not stop anything from exiting the pipes in the usual way. After your sewage has freely left the pipe, the valve closes up again automatically.
• They eliminate the possibility of any sort of odour coming up from the drains.
• It is a highly affordable way to stop rats from entering your home through the toilet. The price of the unit itself plus our charge for fitting is extremely cost-efficient.
• Rat valves reduce the spread of diseases through these pests.
• They are designed to be effective against the consequences to your home of drain flooding after heavy rainfall or burst water mains.
• If there is any blockage in the underground pipes, a one way rat valve will minimise the back flow of sewage.

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