Bed Bug Heat Treatment London ~ Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs & Other Insects

Catch-It pest control is always looking for chemical free, environmentally friendly treatments. We offer either heat treatment, or the cheaper option of bed bug steam treatment for effective control and eradication.

In just one visit, we can get rid of bed bugs fast with heat and get rid of them for good, with 100% eradication guaranteed. With bed bug heat treatment, there is no need for us to come back several weeks running to spray an insecticide (which may not always work anyway as some bed bugs grow immune to the chemicals). There is no need to take all your bed linen to the launderette, and there is no need to wash all your clothes on a hot wash, as the heat treatment will kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle.

Once the heat treatment is complete, you can safely go back into your property, with no need to wait hours for chemicals disperse, as our heat treatment is chemical free. So at what temperature does heat kill bed bugs? Research shows that to kill bed bugs with heat takes only 15 minutes, and one hour to kill eggs at temperatures above 113ºF. Bringing the infected room above this temperature and maintaining it for a few hours normally destroys a bed bug infestation completely.

Reasons to choose insect heat treatment for bed bugs & insects: Effective & Fast

Bed bugs heat treatment is the fastest and most efficient method of getting rid of an infestation, and heat treatment for insects effectiveness is proven to be very successful. Heat treatments are routinely used to eradicate bed bugs, moths and cockroaches. It also works very well in combating other insects, such as fleas, beetles and woodworm.

Far Reaching Power

Heat can penetrate those tricky to reach places conventional methods do not, such as wall cavities and mattresses, destroying the insects by evenly distributing the high temperature throughout the room and its furnishings. Our equipment forces heat into beds, bedding, furniture, electronics, and so on. meaning there is nowhere left for the bed bugs to hide.

Total Eradication

All life stages of bed bugs are destroyed at the point the optimum temperature is reached, including eggs, larva and pupa, meaning that heat treatment can often wipe out the whole bed bug population in just one procedure. This is an important factor, because not all control methods using pesticide actually kill bed bug eggs. In fact, research has shown that pesticides don’t manage bed bug infestations with a single treatment, and that most infestations need three or more visits.

The Environment

Heat treatment for bed bugs and other insects is environmentally friendly. It is a non-toxic, chemical free alternative to insecticides, which can work their way through the ecosystem and cause serious health and reproductive problems to many animals.

Peace Of Mind

Killing bed bugs with heat is a safer option for humans too, because it reduces the risk of chemical reactions in people with chemical sensitivity and those who have an adverse reaction to chemicals. Many people are sensitive to chemicals due to neurological and other medical conditions. Heat treatment is ideal for treating health care premises, hospitals, schools and other places where chemicals are not an option.

Better For Your Home

In terms of protecting your belongings, thermal treatment for bed bugs and other creatures is a consideration. It can be used on most items, including delicate fabrics, clothes and bedding, which chemicals may ruin.

Pest Resistance

There is mounting evidence that insects are becoming immune to certain insecticides used in pest control processes. This is definitely another advantage of using heat treatment for bed bugs because the insects’ immunity can make them hard to get rid of permanently.

Insect heat treatment process ~ how to kill bed bugs with heat:

1. In order to ensure as much airflow within the affected room as possible, furniture and other items may need to be rearranged.
2. Temperature sensors are placed throughout the area to be treated so we can monitor the process.
3. Heat is pumped into the room, until the optimum, lethal temperature has been achieved.
4. This temperature is continued steadily for a period of time, until the insects have been exterminated.
5. We will inspect the room for signs that the insects have been completely destroyed, checking the previously infected areas before deciding the treatment is complete.
6. The heaters will then either be packed away or taken to other rooms in the house that need attention.

If you require heat treatment for insect control in London or the Home Counties and need a rapid response or advice please call us on: 0208 787 5929 or 0203 600 0518 24HR EMERGENCY HELPLINE