Just the sights of spiders crawling along the floor can make people’s skin crawl – but why? Over time, myths about spiders have evolved, and our reactions have become more extreme because of this. 
Most species are harmless, so there’s no need for us to be afraid of them. We’re debunking a few well-known legends about spiders! 
Myth: The average person swallows about 8 spiders a year when asleep
This rumour is widespread on the Internet, but we have nothing to fear. It’s false! It was made up in an effort to show that people will believe anything they read online, which we do! In reality, it’s very unlikely that a person will swallow even one spider when sleeping in their lifetime. 
Myth: People are never more than 3 feet away from a spider
There is some truth to this statement, but it all depends where you are. If you’re standing in a grassy area, it’s more likely a spider will be crawling next to you. If you’re jumping out of an aeroplane, the nearest spider is more likely to be hundreds of feet away. 
Myth: All spiders spin webs 
Not all spiders spin webs, which they use to catch their prey. Several species of spider use different ways to get their food. Some use hunting techniques, whilst other pounce on their prey. 
Myth: Daddy longlegs are poisonous spiders, but they can’t penetrate human skin with their short fangs
This is completely fake, and there are no facts to support this legend. Daddy longlegs venom has never been tested on a mammal, so we don’t know whether they are poisonous or not. 
Myth: All spiders are dangerous 
Most species won’t harm humans, and many are actually beneficial to the environment. They help to reduce the amount of pests around our homes and gardens. There are some species with a venomous bite, but these don’t exist in the UK. 
If you’ve believed some of these myths, you’re not alone. But it’s always best to prevent spiders from entering your London home through pest control methods.