Have you noticed bugs creeping or flying around your London home recently? You may have an infestation, and will most likely want to get it sorted out. It’s hard to tell sometimes what type of insect you’re dealing with though, let alone whether they could potentially be harmful to your health. So, you might need to pick out some identifying characteristics to give Catch-it a better idea what insects may be in your home when you call us.
We’ve compiled a list of useful tips that will help you to identify any insect you come across. 
Where Are The Insects?
Paying close attention to where you are finding insects in and around your home is a great help in identifying what species they are. It’s also a great way to start solving the mystery of your insect infestation. Try jotting down some basic notes on what you find. This will come in as a great help to a pest control professional when they come to exterminate your infestation. 
For example, if you’ve been seeing bugs hiding in your cupboards or wardrobes, it’s safe to assume that the insect prefers being in dark places. 
What Time Of Day Do You See The Insects?
Another important factor is the time of day. Insect species can be categorised into whether they are nocturnal or active during the day. Seasons are important as well, because some species hibernate in the winter, making it easier to eliminate some options. 
How Many Legs Does The Insect Have? 
To be extra effective when it comes to your pest control, take a picture of the insect you are having a problem with to show to your pest control expert. You will also be able to inspect the picture more closely as well. 
Counting an insects legs is the most efficient way of distinguishing the different types of insects. If you can count eight, it’s a spider. If there’s six or less, you’ll need to answer a few more questions in order to find out what your mystery bug is. 

Does The Insect Have Wings? 
Not all winged insects can fly, so note whether the bug in question is simply hopping around your home. Some insects have wings, and some don’t, so it’s great in determining the species of a particular bug. 
Once you’ve gathered the answers to these questions, get in touch with our locally based London team of pest controllers, and we will come out and get rid of your pest problem.