You might think that if you have a pest control problem, you’d know about it – but the truth is that there could be creepy crawlies living right under your nose. 

As experts in pest control London, we know that often people only find out they have an infestation when the problem has got really serious – and usually by this time some damage to the home has taken place or an extensive extermination procedure is needed. 
Here are some of the most likely suspects that can live in your home and go unnoticed…
These tiny insects are usually only found in homes that have pets – but not always. Fleas can be difficult to spot with the naked eye and, if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, you might not notice them scratching more than usual. Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs each day and your home can quickly become overrun if you don’t take prompt action to deal with the problem. Luckily, we offer pest control London services that will keep you flea-free.
Got a damp, dark cellar that you rarely go into? Don’t be surprised if there are swarms of cockroaches lurking down there, only coming out at night when you’re fast asleep upstairs. Cockroaches can feed on a surprisingly vast range of materials and they can even carry disease, which makes it crucial to keep them at bay. These creatures are good at hiding from you and their eggs often can’t be killed by over-the-counter pesticides, so if you discover you have a pest problem, get in touch. 
The word ‘woodworm’ is used to describe a range of wood boring beetles and bugs that can wreak havoc on your home. Perhaps the greatest sleuths of all, woodworm can go unnoticed for many years – causing very serious damage to the timber in your home in the meantime. If you’re worried about woodworm, our pest control London experts can help.