Squirrels are some of the cutest rodents in the world. They look innocent and most people get the impression that they are cuddly. And to some extent, that is the way it is.

But, as adorable as squirrels may seem, they are not totally harmless. They can cause damage, just like any other rodents.

Primarily, damage caused by squirrels can be divided into three types: damage to trees, damage to houses, and damage to cars.

Let’s take a look at each of them: 

Damage to trees

Even though squirrels usually look for pre-existing holes in trees and do not cause any serious damage to them,sometimes they may take a different route. Grey squirrels, for example, love to eat bark. So, what they sometimes do is gnaw at the stem of a tree to get to the sap filled sweet layer that is responsible for carrying sugar from one part of the tree to another. If the extent of gnawing is extensive, the tree may die due to sugar translocation disruption. This is the reason why many people who love trees look for the best squirrel pest control they can find.

Damage to houses

In many parts of the world, it is quite common to find squirrels in the loft. While, in most cases, having squirrels in your attic does not lead to an enormous amount of damage even when they stay inside a house, there are exceptions. A large number of homeowners report to have experienced house damage caused by squirrels. Squirrels can damage a house in many different ways. Like other rodents such as rats or mice, squirrels can cause problems by chewing electrical wires, which can increase the risk of fire; damaging water pipes is another potential issue, causing flood damage; and releasing droppings inside your water tank (usually situated up in the loft, is an obvious health concern.

Damage to cars

It might sound odd, but squirrels can damage cars, too. As the engine of a car keeps it warm as temperatures drop,squirrels tend to find the relative comfort very suitable for a short stay.They can chew through cables and other car parts. One Croydon resident even reports that his eco-friendly Toyota, which has trim made of plant-based materials had been attracting hungry squirrels!

Sometimes a hundred pounds may be enough to repair the damage caused, but at other times, even a thousand pounds may not be enough!

Even though squirrels are certainly not as dangerous and annoying as rats are, they still need attention. The importance of a good pest control for squirrels is something that nobody should ignore.