Which would you rather have, carpet beetles or bed bugs? Neither obviously! But, if you think either one of these pests has already invaded your home, you need to know which one it is so you can eliminate them as soon as possible. 
•The difference between carpet beetles and bed bugs – Bed bugs have a mouth made for piercing skin and sucking blood. Carpet beetles have a mouth made for chewing on plants and other materials. Great news, a carpet beetle won’t bite you. Bad news? A bed bug will! 
•What do bed bugs and carpet beetles eat? – Bed bugs feed on human blood. Carpet beetles like pollen and nectar, and then expand their diet to hair, fur, wool and other materials. Carpet beetles aren’t a danger because they won’t bite you, but they’ll deal some serious damage to your furniture and possessions. 
•Do either of these pests’ fly? – Carpet beetles CAN fly. Bed bugs CAN’T. 
•How do they differ in appearance? – Bed bugs look like a little apple seed. Carpet beetles vary in colour, but are normally black and yellow. They also tend to be smaller than a bed bug. 
•Where can you find these pests in your home? – Bed bugs like to keep in close quarters to their victims. Check around your bed and your clothing for pests. Carpet beetles don’t always need to be in the carpet, so look for them in spaces such as wall cavities and chimneys too. Carpet beetles love to live in places other insects have lived, and indoor plants are their ideal habitat. 
•Do these pests cause skin reactions? – Carpet beetles will damage your possessions, bed bugs will damage your skin. However, both will leave similar evidence of their presence on your skin. Bed bugs will actually bite your skin, and their saliva causes an allergic reaction in some people. Carpet beetles leave red bumps on the skin, but they aren’t bites. These rashes are cause by an allergic reaction to the hairs and bristles of the beetle.
Carpet beetle and bed bug infestation are serious matters. They need professional pest control treatment immediately. It will quickly become a problem for you and your family. So when it happens, be sure to call Catch It Ltd to make sure your battle with bugs is short-lived.