Ant Pest Control London

Ant Pest Control London

A professional ant pest control service will not only get rid of problem ants, but it will ensure that they never come back again. These pests are small, black or reddish brown…. and very irritating when they invade your home or garden. It wouldn’t be so bad if they came singly, but they are very social, and live together in large numbers. A colony can have a smaller or larger number of ants, even running into millions. Imagine what that could potentially do to your home!

If you have ants invading your environment, they will be attracted to anything that is sugary or oily, which just about includes all of the food items you have at home. Today, with over 22,000 species of ant, you may not even know what species has infiltrated your environment. That’s ok though, because you can leave that to our team of pest experts, who know how to get rid of London pest ants effectively.

Did you know that ants adapt very fast to different climatic conditions, and that they are found almost everywhere in the world? Well, now you know. They not only know how to use the available resources for their livelihood, but they can put up a formidable defence against their enemies. Their social organisation is also quite remarkable, where the soldier and worker ants work for the queen in a similar way to bees.

How to get rid of ants in the house or ants in the garden?
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How we go about doing ant termination

Even if you only see a few ants coming in, you should be very concerned, as these are most likely scouts, coming into your kitchen to check out the area, to see whether there is sustainability for the colony. No matter how well you seal all the possible entry points, chances are that persistent ants will still find somewhere to enter. It is better to leave the entire pest control of ants job to professionals, because we will get rid of the ants, and keep them away for the long haul.

We will consult you in every step of the process to get rid of ants pests. Firstly, our technicians will talk to you on the first visit. They will discuss the kind of problems that you are facing and the method of control. Secondly, the technician will assess your premises before administering any treatment. This helps them to know the extent of the infestation so that the right measures can be deployed.

If you are being bothered by garden ants, that is, in the garden only, then insecticides are normally used in the form of dust powders or sprays directly to the nest site. However, inside the home, we find it better to offer treatment to the original locations through which the ants may have entered the home.

Ant control is managed in phases

We offer treatment in phases. For example, after the first treatment of pest control for ants, our technicians are going to file all the details in an inspection report of which you are going to get a copy. That’s not all, because later, our technician will do a follow-up treatment. Those should be enough to keep the ants away for good.

It is not recommended to use home remedies to get rid of ants, because they will likely be back. While treatments such as vinegar, baby powder with talcum and so on may sound cheap, the ants will be deterred for just a day or two, and then they will be back. Again, you do not want to buy poisons and spray them all over the house indiscriminately. It is better to let our professional ants pest control services handle the invasion with authorised and effective products.

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