Home sales tend to rise over the summer months. So it’s time to talk about looking out for the signs of infestations when purchasing or selling property. 
If you’re looking to buy a property, you’re obviously going to look at it beforehand. Here’s a few things to keep a look out for when you’re having a look around: 
1. Points of entry – The easiest thing to keep at the front of your mind is to look out for potential points of entry around the property. Holes are a blatant point of entry, but even the tiniest crack can let the pests in.
2. Droppings – Once you’ve seen a point of entry, you need to check it for use. It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, you need to check for droppings. This is the most common sign of recent activity. Look around the cracks and holes for piles of dust, or small pellets. This a great indicator of activity. 
3. Odours and stains – Mice leave greasy marks on surfaces from their fur. This oil also has a stinky odour, so you should be able to smell it when you enter an empty property. A great place to sniff around is the kitchen. 
4. Seeing them – If you see pests, there’s probably an infestation. Even if you just see one, alive or dead, it’s very likely there’s a pest problem hiding somewhere. 
Selling a house is really hard work, but don’t make it harder by dealing with pests. Here’s some tips: 
1. Discourage pests – Make pest necessities like food and water scarce, so they’ll go somewhere else for their sustenance. Keep your home clean and tidy, not only to attract better offers, but to prevent the pests from invading. 
2. Listen out for sounds – You can normally hear pests, such as mice, scurrying around and chewing on things in your house. So keep your ears to the walls!
3. Seal up entry points – Filling in cracks with putty and sealing off points of entry stops the pests getting in. You may need to fill some holes in with a harder substance, like metal. 
4. Call in the experts – Calling in the professionals means less work for you. The  temporary inconvenience is much better than a potential buyer seeing a rodent run across the room.