Moth Fumigation

Moth infestations can be a serious problem. They are also a difficult one to get rid of. Moth control is relatively easy when you have a small number of these creatures present, but if at any point you have a concentration of these pests, getting rid of them can be impossible without professional intervention.  This is especially true because an infestation treatment needs to exterminate hidden moths, as well as those you can visibly see.
So, what moth infestation treatment should you choose?  In our experience, moth fumigation is one of the best options.

What is Moth Fumigation?

Fumigating moths has been a popular treatment for many years.  It is a recognised treatment for removing a number of different species of insects. During the process, an airborne chemical or gas is released into the house and is allowed to spread. Residents of the house will be required to stay elsewhere and you will have to prepare your home for fumigation so the chemicals have time to work and then dissipate.

Is Fumigation For Moth Infestations Effective?

The chemical or gas that is used during the moth fumigation process is extremely effective. While companies may use slightly different fumigation products, they are all chosen for their effectiveness at killing moths.  Fumigation is used successfully as a method of moth control by most reputable firms.
When there is a large number of moths, or you are unsure of where the moths are residing, it can make it difficult to use other methods for moth infestation treatment. Moths may have been attracted into your home if there’s a lot of light. Fumigation is able to permeate throughout a house and get to areas that a human couldn’t spray or place a trap.  That means you are completely eliminating the adult moth population, not just the moths that you can see.
By eliminating all the moths you are reducing the likelihood of needing more than one treatment.  This will save you not only time but also money.
Fumigation for moth infestations is a great way to get rid of your moth problem.  Moth control using other methods can take time and may not remove the whole infestation.  Fumigation, on the other hand, is effective, and the process often does not need to be repeated.