Unlike countries such as Australia, we’re lucky in the UK not to have to worry about deadly pests like snakes and killer spiders entering our homes. However, that doesn’t take away from the horror of finding unwanted visitors in your property.

As pest control London specialists, we get rid of pests of all shapes and sizes, but there area few that we see more often than others. Here’s a run down of some of the most common household pests, and our advice on how to spot them  


Forget any image you have of cute and cuddly creatures – mice are a huge pest in some homes, causing significant damage to furniture and timbers with their tiny teeth. Mice carry and spread disease, so getting rid of them with the help of pest control London is essential.

What to watch out for: You might be able to hear mice scrambling around at night or you may spot droppings or holes in the packaging of food. 



Especially during hot weather, flies can become a real pain. They will hover around any food that is left out and are particularly fond of bins in the summertime. Flies can carry germs that can make you ill so you need to take action immediately.

What to watch out for: It will be hard not to notice that distinct buzzing sound if you have a problem with flies. We can provide pest control London solutions including highly effective fly killer units and fogging treatments so you don’t need to worry.


These reddish-brown creepy crawlies like warm, dark places and tend to come out at night to feed on whatever might be left lying around. To get rid of pests like cockroaches, you will likely need expert help from professionals like us.

What to watch out for: If you spot one cockroach, the chances are that there are many more hiding away. Cockroaches can emit a distinctive smell that can be a giveaway sign, but the way to know for sure is to call in pest control London experts like Catch-it who can set traps to monitor and solve the problem.