We’ve all seen those childhood cartoons, where the mouse appears through a hole in the skirting board (think Tom and Jerry). But if you ever saw one in your home, you probably wouldn’t be laughing. Cartoonists actually borrowed a fact from real life though – mice are actually that destructive, and yes they can chew right through a wall. In fact, mice can destroy most of what we put in their way on their quest for food and shelter. 
A Formidable Opponent 

Mice cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to homeowners every year. They can chew through most materials, including insulation, wood and almost every building material you can think of. Once one mouse has made a nice little hole into your home, they’ve created the passageway for all their friends and relatives to join them. They will leave behind their droppings, and a path of complete destruction. 
Once mice are inside your home, it’s really game on! Mice can get into your food stores, chew your wiring to bits (which is a serious fire hazard), demolish your papers and even nibble on your clothes. Having mice in your London home is a huge problem, and can lead to further devastating consequences such as fires and water damage. 
Don’t Forget To Look Up 
As well as the interior of your home suffering damage, if mice get into your loft the consequences could be dire. Mice love electrical wiring and roofing material. If mice do manage to chew on your roofing, water damage is soon to follow. 
Stay Alert 
You have to be observant to detect and evict a mouse infestation. Keep checking your home for signs of any sort of rodent damage, including your loft. If you see any droppings, or unexplained holes, you know you have some uninvited guests. 
Once You’ve Found Them, Call Us 
Having a mouse infestation feels really overwhelming to deal with. Our rodent control specialists here at Catch-It Pest Control know exactly what to do in this situation. We will assess the extent of your infestation, then design a unique rodent control plan that suits your specific needs. Our technicians can even identify potential entry points for pests, and help you to pest proof your home to stop future infestations from happening. Don’t let unwanted guests nibble away at your home. Call us today.