Pigeons thrive in urban areas, so London is one of their favourite places to live. They are actually one of the few animals that do better when they are around humans. Each year, we deal with loads of pigeons in people’s attics. 
There’s a lot of different ways we deal with pigeons in the attic. We use exclusion devices and physical removal of the pigeon. Then we make sure any entry points are bought to your attention so that you can seal them immediately. No more pigeons will be able to enter your home after that!
Pigeons are especially horrible to have in the attic because of the mess they make. Pigeons spread their feathers, nesting material, parasites and droppings all over the attic. These droppings are the main source of diseases, and are very dangerous to have in your home. That’s why it’s so important to get pigeon control immediately, and clean up your attic immediately after treatment.
So what kind of damage can a pigeon do in your loft? Can’t you just leave them to it? No! Pigeons are actually notorious for invading people’s attics and are responsible for causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. When there is an available food source nearby, easy access and a chance for a good shelter, then a pigeon will do all it can to invade your attic.
Most pigeon control damage happens when they nest and leave their droppings when left for a period of time. They can damage your roof, increase the risk of fire, block your ventilation systems and even lead to the collapse of your ceilings.
Damage to your roof is often quite hard and costly to put right. It’s a pigeons droppings that do most of the damage, because of their acidic nature. In fact, pigeon droppings can actually reduce the lifespan of your roof by more than 50%.
Remember that after a pigeon removal, you must clean your loft. This involves vacuuming and completely decontaminating the area. When we carry out pigeon control, we will give you useful advice on how to clean up the aftermath. For emergency 24 hour pigeon control for you loft, call Catch-it Pest Control.