One of the main pests we see getting more and more out of control in London are pigeons. So here at Catch-it we have to come up with different ways of London pigeon control. One of the most effective ways we know of controlling London pigeons is the use of pigeon netting. 
London pigeon netting is being used across the UK’s capital in a lot of different businesses for those bothersome flocks of birds. Using netting for London pigeon control has loads of benefits for businesses, some of which we are going to explore here.
London pigeon control is important for any London business owner. If you have a problem with pigeons, they can loiter around your property in large numbers, harassing your customers, nesting and roosting in your roof and just generally affecting your business. With London pigeon control and using bird control netting, there are some major benefits you can be gaining.
• Pigeon netting is the most cost effective and humane way to keep pigeons away from your London property. Wherever the pigeon netting is installed, the birds will no longer be allowed to loiter and will soon move on.
• Bird netting can also keep the pigeons out of the more important areas of your business. Sensitive environments such as airports benefit from pigeon netting because the pigeons can cause interference with daily operations, so must be controlled.
• Not only does bird netting stop the pigeons from roosting, it also controls the mess that they leave behind. Bird droppings are acidic, and these droppings leave marks and erode structures too. Also, their nesting materials blocks guttering and causes other problems that requires expensive repairs in the future.
• Pigeon netting is relatively cheap, and once it’s installed it requires very little maintenance. This is a great solution to keep the birds away from your property and reduce the problems of having pigeons flying around and causing mischief.
Don’t let pigeons ruin your property. They will spread diseases and well as parasites to us, and people can also slip on their droppings. Protecting your business and property from bird infestations is a top priority for your businesses reputation and profits.
For more information on Catch-it’s pigeon control services involving pigeon netting, please do get in touch for emergency London pest control.