More and more people are concerned with ‘going green’, including pest control companies. We’re proud to offer you alternative pest control treatments here at Catch-It Pest Control. 
Here are some tips you can use for green pest control. 
Prevention, Prevention, Prevention 

Prevention means sealing all of the cracks and entry points around your home where a pest could potentially gain access. Some you should look out for are cracks around windows, in door frames and around the foundation of your home. 
If you have wires or pipes coming into your home from outdoors, check and seal around these points too. It only takes the smallest hole for a pest to get into your home. 
Preventing pests in your home is quite easy once you put your mind to it. You could add weather stripping under your windows so they are sealed properly, or install door sweeps to stop pests from getting under your doors. 
Applying pest prevention measures to your entire home may end up being time consuming and costly. For this reason, consider hiring us to help you with the pest prevention in your London home. This will save you time and a lot of hassle. 
Going Green For Bed Bugs 

The best and most effective green bed bug option is heat treatment. The temperatures rises so high that it will kill off any bed bugs in the room. Bed bugs are incredibly hard to get rid of, and chemicals often have little to no effect on them in the long-term, as they seem to have built up an immunity to them. 
Using a heat treatment is safe and non-toxic for you and your family. You won’t need to have repeat treatments, and won’t have to move out of your home for a period of time to let the chemicals settle. 
Organic Pest Control 

A newcomer on the pest control market is organic pest control treatments. These are particularly handy when you have pets, small children or have an area that is highly sensitive (like a food prep area). 
Organic products tend to be safe and a green alternative to the toxic chemicals used to treat some pest infestations. If you want to know more about going green with your pest control, get in touch with us and we’ll give you some more information.