Pigeons are most commonly referred to here in the UK as rats with wings. And much like rats, they can carry and transmit some pretty serious diseases. More and more councils across the UK are taking measures to control pigeons as they become more and more used to living alongside us.
Diseases caused by pigeons are at their utmost when there are a lot of pigeons around, and they leave a high number of droppings and feathers in their roosting sites. These are piles of noxious diseases which are very dangerous to us, and normally happen when there are no pigeon control measures in place.
Here are some diseases pigeons can cause, carry and transmit to us. 
• Toxoplasmosis – Many people associate Toxoplasmosis with cat faeces, but pigeon droppings also have it too. In fact, you can find this disease in pretty much any warm blooded animal. Pregnant women are particularly at risk of transmitting this parasite, and are often warned to stay away from any type of cat poo or pigeon droppings.
• Histoplasmosis – This disease is transmitted when pigeon droppings dry and then spores enter the air. We then inhale the spores, and get infected with the fungi. The type of fungus thrives in moist areas, which is what sites of pigeon droppings are.
• Cryptococcosis – 84% of pigeon nesting sites are testing positive for this horrible diseases. This is also another disease which is inhaled, causing the infection. Many people mistake this illness as flu, becomes it mimics the symptoms.
• Psittacosis – More commonly referred to as Parrot Fever, this disease is transmitted when the droppings dry and become airborne. Having this disease can lead to pneumonia, and in some cases has even caused death in those who have breathing difficulties like asthma.
These are the main diseases pigeons can cause, but there are many more such as e.coli and salmonella that pigeons also carry and transmit to humans. If you’re having a particularly troublesome time with pigeons in your home or business, it’s best to call us for expert pigeon control and pigeon proofing. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with your pest control problems.